How to Deal With Anger

How to deal with anger can be a hard question to answer, because everyone experiences anger differently. This article will look at six powerful ways to deal with anger. How to Deal with Anger: Say Nothing When you speck in anger most times you just aggravate the situation you are in and most likely hurt the feelings of the person you are angry with. The normal reaction to someone specking… Read More »

Controlling Anger – 8 Things To Help In Controlling Anger

Controlling anger can be very difficult when you are angry and you may not think you can control anger but it is possible. This article will give you eight things you can do to try and reduce any anger that you are feeling at the time you are feeling anger. While these tips will not eliminate all your anger they will interrupt the feelings at the time hopefully controlling anger… Read More »

Jealousy Meaning – What Is The Meaning of Jealousy

Jealousy meaning refers to the definition of being Jealousy which is the feeling of being less fortunate than someone else which can be in terms of financial status, physical appearance among other factors. Jealousy is highly linked with envy although they are two completely different aspects. Envy is more tuned towards possessions while Jealousy on the other hand is more subjective towards feelings of being disadvantaged and not getting enough… Read More »

How To Overcome Jealousy And Move On With Your Life

How To Overcome Jealousy is something many people who get Jealous ask themselves. This article looks at how to Overcome Jealousy and move on with Your Life Jealousy is an emotion that most people do not really like to be associated with. Tell someone they are jealous and they will probably deny it vehemently and try to give an explanation of what they think you should perceive of them. Jealousy is… Read More »

Jealousy Stories to Make You Think About Your Jealousy

Most jealous people can tell you Jealousy Stories of when their Jealousy got the better of them. This article will highlight a few Jealousy Stories to get you thinking about your jealousy. Whatever a jealous person does, is either an act of love or a cry for help. Jealousy is nothing but the imagined fears, fear of desertion, and fear of losing the love of someone, fear or being insulted in social community,… Read More »

How To Handle Jealousy The Right Way

Jealousy in a relationship is the feeling of being angry because someone you love or like loves or likes someone else. This feeling can lead to break ups in relationships as some people will go to the extent of even killing their competitors’, partner’s or even their own lives out of jealousy. Mostly when one is jealous they feel threatened in a way and so they try to secure themselves… Read More »

Meaning Of Jealousy – What Does It Mean To Be Jealous

What is the meaning of jealousy. Jealousy is a very potent and destructive emotion. When a person is jealous, it can make him or her feel ill, anxious and nervous. Sometimes when we feel jealous, we’re not sure what is causing that envious emotion.However, by understanding the meaning of jealousy, a person can come to terms with it and find ways to handle it. The main characteristics of the meaning… Read More »

Obsessive jealousy and the first steps on how to deal with it

Anyone who has been through a relationship has experienced jealousy at some point and maybe even obsessive jealousy. An individual who has experienced this intense emotion knows how debilitating it can be. It is even more dangerous for a person who becomes obsessed over their former partner or their former lover. An individual does not need to have had a partner or lover to experience this. A person who experiences… Read More »

Getting Over Jealousy The Right Way

Getting over jealousy can be one of the hardest but most rewarding things that you can do in your life.This article will that getting over jealousy can be as easy as knowing the causes of your jealousy. Jealousy can be defined as the feeling that someone else is better than you or that he or she has something in their possession that you don’t. It is a very common feeling… Read More »

Jealousy Disorder : How To Kill It Before It Kills You

Jealousy disorder is one type of delusional disorder. Also known as ‘Othello syndrome’ or morbid jealousy, this refers to a condition when a person becomes obsessively suspicious that his sexual partner or spouse is having sex outside of the relationship. Since it is a delusional disorder, the person who is suffering from jealousy disorder generally has little or no evidence in support of his claim. The situation can lead to… Read More »