Are you or your partner suffering from jealousy?

Welcome to

Before we really begin, I would first like to thank you for being here. If you choose to stay and continue to read all the good things I have for you, you will most likely thank yourself later.

What’s it all about?

The name of the website explains quite well in itself what it’s all about. You’ve probably already guessed it. Exactly, it’s a book about jealousy, which is about 40 pages long.

But before you fall asleep from boredom, I will just briefly try to explain to you what you can look forward to.

My book is a personal portrayal of how I got rid of jealousy, written to help you. I can safely promise that the book is built on its own original values, which you have not seen anywhere else before. It’s written to help you stop being jealous, or take a long step in your quest to become so. It’s not for sure that everything the book says is something you can use personally. But let yourself be inspired by what you can; that’s how you will get the most out of the book.

The website is built around the book (which is free), and is written for both men and women. If you are jealous, the book is actually about you. You would lie, if you came to me after reading this book, and told me that you couldn’t identify yourself with just a little bit of what you’ve read. You have probably arrived here because you are jealous, your partner is jealous, or because you just want to learn more about what jealousy is really about. No matter what, I promise you, that you aren’t completely wrong.

Okay, but what makes this book worth the read?

You may have read a lot about the same topic before, and it may have contained long expressions and subjects from the world of psychology. For instance, statistics with information that didn’t help you with anything in personal matters, top 10 quotes from the world’s leading experts, and so on.

What I’m saying is not that the above does not work for some people; it just didn’t work for me.

The book isn’t written by a flawless and highly sacred person who has never been jealous. I have been morbidly jealous for 6 years. I’m still jealous sometimes, but on a totally acceptable level, which most people can live with.  I’m a human being like everyone else, a human like you. I am also angry, sad, confused and frustrated. As I said before, I’m no inhuman guru professor who will give you a long speech or secret tricks about how you can achieve a successful treatment from tomorrow on. Therefore, I also believe that I have the experience you need to be able to help you move forward towards a life without jealousy, or perhaps even to the finish line, where you can call yourself free from it forever.

I promised you to keep it short and sweet, so shouldn’t we just start? While you’re here, you’ll just get a pat on the back from me. Here you go!


The Jealousy Book